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About Elizabeth Reeke

Her academic studies were completed at Mount Holyoke College, Harvard University, and Tufts University. Her professional work included research and program design and development in the fields of psychology and education. She also explored some less traditional roles, including field study in the Oregon clearcuts searching for endangered plants, and a year’s apprenticeship with a violin repair shop.

Elizabeth describes a personal journey powerfully influenced by her desire to understand consciousness and the mystical at an intimate, personal level, and by her love of the earth and the music of many lands. These interests led her to the study of teachers, mystics, poets, and classical spiritual treatises through the ages, and to travels through many beautiful and sacred areas of the earth.

She found an opportunity to study a short time with a Bedouin healer on a tiny isle in Greece living in old beekeeper huts by the sea, and she learned all she could of music and healing and helped lead a number of workshops in the New England area. Finally, her journey has included study of North Indian rudra veena, Chinese ghuzheng, Japanese koto, and Celtic harp; and periods of artistic exploration of Chinese brush painting, batik, and weaving.

Elizabeth currently lives in Arizona, where she continues her musical practice and work on a collection of poems tentatively titled “Song of My Heart.”

Elizabeth Reeke’s poems on The Poetry Porch:
       Song of My Heart
       What Do We Know?
       Long Way Home
       The Summer of the Haboobs
       Coyote Morning
       The Arborists
       Frozen Tears
       A New Way
       The Sands of Time
       Reply to Budenz’s “Duet”
       The Odyssey
       Six Poems:
          Jewel of the Heart
          December Song
          December Reflections
          Song of the Towers
       Song of Healing
       Song for the Earth

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