The Poetry Porch 2021:   Edited by Joyce Wilson

Between Heaven and Earth

Ruins of Mother Archie’s Church and Cemetery, at the corner of Bullock and Ring Road
on May 14, 1959, by A.T. Wilson (Print from Ecktachrome Slide). Copyright © 2021 by Joyce Wilson.

INCLUDING: Jennifer Barber   Bruce Bennett   Paula Bonnell   Marguerite Guzman Bouvard   Mary Buchinger   Michael R. Burch   Patricia Callan   Barbara Siegel Carlson   Eric Chiles   Llyn Clague   Stephen Delbos   William Doreski   Heather Dubrow   Richard Fein   Nels Hanson   John Holgerson   Marcy Jarvis   Robert K. Johnson   George Kalogeris   Constance Hooker Koons   Jean L. Kreiling   David P. Miller   James B. Nicola   Thomas O’Grady   Miriam O’Neal   Marge Piercy   Elizabeth Reeke   Michael Todd Steffen   Hilary Sallick   Diane Thiel   Cammy Thomas   Debbie Wiess   Joyce Wilson  
PROSE: Editor’s NOTE    
In Memoriam: Kim Bridgford, Teresa Iverson.
BOOK REVIEWS:   Some Glad Morning: Poems by Barbara Crooker, reviewed by Pat Valdata.
  In Code by Mariann Corbett, reviewed by Joyce Wilson.    Powow River Poets Anthology II, reviewed by Joyce Wilson.
Parachute by Nels Hanson
Three by Mary Buchinger:
       Bare ruin’d choirs –
       What Makes a Place
       The Seer Is a Sayer
Three by William Doreski:
       In the Present State of Witness
       Recalling the Black and White Ball
       The Day of the Snake
Three by Maguerite Guzman Bouvard:
       Hidden Places
       The Holy Family
       A Strange Landscape
Three by Marge Piercy:
       How I loved it at first
       My Covid life
       Rain, rain, don’t go away
The Geranium by Hilary Sallick
Chi rompe paga by Michael Todd Steffen
The Overseer’s Dream of His Right Hand by Michael R. Burch
The Confounded Hour by David P. Miller
Two by Richard Fein:
       Gearing Up
       Re Yeats
Three by George Kalogeris:
       In Praise of My Brother
       Trap Door
       Tuning Fork
Five by Debbie Wiess:
       “I Can’t Breathe” a Series of Four Poems
       “Le printemps s’annonce/The Sign of Spring,” a poem in French and English

Four by Jennifer Barber:
       No, It Is Not Too Soon
       When I Was Able to Look
       August in Ashfield
Four by Barbara Siegel Carlson:
       Voices in Leaves
       The Speech of Trees
       Beech in the Public Garden
       To an Asylum Seeker
Three by Miriam O’Neal:
       How We Live Now
       Consider the Cormorant
       Consider the Ox
Adamsville Quartet by Thomas O’Grady
Lake Eden by Robert K. Johnson
Triptych for Plymouth, Mass. by Jean Kreiling
Returning Home by Elizabeth Reeke
Two by John Holgerson:
       Hydra, October 2010
       Hydra, April 2019
Siren Calls by Eric Chiles
Two by Patricia Callan:
       Dorothy Donegan Auditions
       Concierto de Aranjuez
Rhythms by Llyn Clague
Two by Diane Thiel:
       Giant Children
       Questions from Four Dimensions
Getting Acquainted by Cammy Thomas

SPECIAL FEATURE: The Sonnet Scroll

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