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The Citadel, Cairo, Egypt (1989), photograph by Joyce Wilson
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INCLUDING: Richard Aston   Bruce Bennett   Dmitry Blizniuk   Paula Bonnell   Philip E. Burnham, Jr.   Patricia Callan    Benjamin D. Carson    William Conelly   Tom Daley   John Philip Drury   Abigail Adams Elias   Richard Fein   Krikor Der Hohannesian    Robert K. Johnson   Joanne Joseph   George Kalogeris   Melissa McEwen   Sheila Murphy   Sharon Portnoff   Elizabeth Reeke   Ted Richer   Steven Riel    Kevin Shyne   Paulette Demers Turco   Joyce Wilson  
Editorís NOTE
The Major by William Conelly
Learn to Listen by Tom Daley
The Water in My Fatherís Lungs, by Sharon Portnoff
Second Father by Kevin Shyne
A Final Bond by Richard Aston
Doubt & Denial in Vero Beach by Paula Bonnell
Tough Girl by Patricia Callan
The Analogue by Abigail Adams Elias
Tutoring Amanda by Bruce Bennett
For W. S. Merwin by Benjamin D. Carson
Somewhere in Manhattan by Robert K. Johnson
Pigeon Alights by Steven Riel

Philosopherís Stone by Richard Fein
Two by George Kalogeris:
       My Guides
       On This Day I Complete My Thirty-Sixth Year
Two by Krikor N. Der Hohannesian:
       Love Spell
Two by Elizabeth Reeke:
       Song of My Heart
Two by Sheila Murphy:
       Doctor X Meets Her Match
       Glen Minard, County Kerry, and the Gift of Cows

Save My Uncle Nathan a short story by Ted Richer;       Know Thyself by Joyce Peseroff, a review by Joyce Wilson.   
SPECIAL FEATURE: The Sonnet Scroll

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