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 Bruce Bennett, The Street Where You Lived
 ______________, The Prisoner
 ______________, Duck Dignity
 ______________, Readership
 Michael Todd Steffen, Lady with the Book
 Owen Doyle, Down Jacket
 __________, Aviary
 Pat Callan, The English Teacherís Yearly Trip
 Paul Chandler, Exit
 Jay Wickersham, Partial Eclipse
 David Landon, My Magic Pond
 ____________, A Late Love Poem
 ____________, At Giverny
 ____________, Plan for Today

 Terese Coe, Turns
 __________, Retrograde
 __________, Gypsy Song
 Marcia Karp, All Occupation
 James B. Nicola, Creation and Cremation
 ______________, On Promises
 ______________, Lesser Evil
 ______________, Gray 1
 B. E. Stock, Wind
 Kathleen Kirk, Field of Wind
 _____________, Hope Chest
 Joanne Joseph, How It Goes
 Cammy Thomas, Dear Heart
 Joyce Wilson, The Ritual Bath

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