Poetry Porch: the Sonnet Scroll contents

C. B. Anderson, Organismic Compensations
____________, A Dim View from Above
Richard Aston, On Machines and Human Beings
___________, Trapping Bees
___________, A Feud
___________, The Laborer
___________, Nursing
William Baer, ICU
__________, Reprieve
Bruce Bennett, Estranged
___________, The Sport
___________, Digital
___________, In Answer to a Question
Minnie C. Bindas, A Sonnet for Richard
Jane Blanchard, Wash and Wear
____________, Belatedly, a Sonnet
Dmitry Blizniuk, The Misprint
Harriet Malnate Bonish, To the Faxon House, Razed
Shaune Bornholdt, Snow White
______________, Crack the Whip
Paul Breslin, On What I Counted Most
_________, When Last I Saw You
Kim Bridgford, Strangers on a Train
___________, Rear Window
___________, North By Northwest
___________, Hitchcock’s Vision
Bob Brooks, Joy Street
Julia Budenz, Reply by the Rhymes to a Sonnet by Martha Collins
_________, Roman Sonnet
_________, Birthday Card
_________, Replies to Petrarch’s poem 107, fifteen sonnets (featured 1998)
Michael Burch, Free Fall
___________, Imperfect Sonnet
___________, Pan
___________, In Defense of Meter
___________, Your e-Verse
___________, Distances
Philip E. Burnham, Jr., This Dark
__________________, Imagine
__________________, August Evenings
__________________, Apples
Patricia Callan, Real Estate
__________, From the Piano
__________, Macbeth Considers His Lady
Esther Cameron, The First Line Is the Hardest
David Castleman, Dylan Thomas
Catherine Chandler, Expat
_______________, Sisters
_______________, The Girl in the Photograph
Terese Coe, Fool Speaks
Helen Degen Cohen, Your Oh So Traditional Childlike Face
Martha Collins, Sonnet After a Line by Sue Standing
William Conelly, Separates
Miles Coon, Silent Love Unfolds
Eleanor Cory, Mural
_________, Georgia O’Keeffe
_________, Harmony
Barbara Lydecker Crane, Grinnell Glacier Drawings
Ellen Davis, The Elevator
__________,  After "After Mayakovsky" by Denis Johnson
__________,  In the Twentieth Century
Chard deNiord, Adam’s Lament
____________, Eve’s Lament
Diana Der-Hovanessian, Two Thousand Page Suicide Note
___________________, Don Juan and the Stone Guest
Paul H. Desmond, The Last Round
_____________, The World of Swinging Singles
Richard Dey, Cuttyhunk
___________, At the WoodenBoat Show
Susan Donnelly, For William Stafford
___________,  At a Dressing Room Mirror
___________,  Report on the Cottage
___________,  Mortgaged
Joseph Dorazio, Ode on a Grueby Vase
John Philip Drury, Valentine for LaWanda
______________, Daughter of a Preacher Man
______________, Living in Monterey
______________, Quilt
Tanya Ubiles Duarte, Spitting Images
_______________, Do You have Fire?
_______________, Ramón
_______________, The Doubles
_______________, Chuleta Lips
Heather Dubrow, The City Pigeon
K. E. Duffin, Three sonnets (featured 1998)
__________, Julia in the Bois de Boulogne, 1858
__________, Elm
__________, Bayeux
__________, Departures
__________, Walker Lake
Moira Egan, Catherine nue assise sur une peau de panthère
__________, La femme aux bas blancs
__________, Sonnet on the Occasion of His __th Birthday
__________, In the Villa Sciarra Garden
A. Adams Elias, Brassica nigra
Rhina P. Espaillat, Year’s End
_____________, Remembering My Parents Remembering Books They Read Together
_____________, What the Leaves Say
_____________, Survivor
_____________, The Life
_____________, Tapestry
Anna Evans, Cleopatra’s Needles
_________, Collusion
_________, In Other News (A Love Poem)
_________, Sonnet on a Line from Star Wars
Lee Evans, Regret
_________, Some Secret Garden
_________, Seeing
_________, Tidal Pool
_________, Out of Orbit
_________, Father of the Man
_________, Lunch Hour
_________, First Thing in the Morning
_________, Susquehanna:River of Mud
_________, Beach Bum
_________, Excursion
Michael Fantina, In Dream
_____________, The Street
Orla Fay, Hard Man
_______, On the Boat
Annie Finch, The Lawn
_________, Wild Yeasts
Linda M. Fischer, Sonnet Against the Night
Paul Fraleigh, Aspirations
Mary Freeman, Time to Dream
Kevin Gallagher, Drive Bye
Claudia Gary, Roadkill
Thomas Gothers, Summer Morning
Tracey Gratch, Autumn Encounters
____________, Natalie, at Four
R. W. Haynes, Ominous Sounds from the Getty Hexameters
____________, Cold Water Wisdom Up North
____________, Colonel Sanders Needs Love, Too
Joyce Heapes, Chambered Nautilis
Lois Elaine Heckman, Solo
_________________, Clinging
_________________, Encroaching Darkness
Robin Helweg-Larsen, Portraits
Elise Hempel, Fraternal
___________, The Costumer
___________, The Twins
___________, Name
___________, The Echo
John Hildebidle, Reveille
_____________, Johnny Mudge
Kathleen Hill, Requesting the Pleasure of Your Company
Kathryn Hinds, My Mister’s Eyes
Jeff Holt, Thanksgiving
_______, Cat and Mouse
_______, Caged
Victor Howes, Zeus Hatches a Plan
___________, Cash Cow
___________, Eve’s Boast
___________, Three-headed Dog
___________, High Times
___________, Windchill Factor
Teresa Iverson, After Montale
____________, Second Life
Marcy Jarvis, Pasquinade
David Johnson, If the Latin AP Dies
Donna Johnson, Bee Balm
Joanne Joseph, My Corner
Marcia Karp, Aprill
__________, What's Left of You
X. J. Kennedy, On the Conviction of an English Teacher for Child Molesting
___________, Abyss
Joan A. W. Kimball, Atalanta
_____________, Emerson Hospital or Her Full Knee Replacement
Kathleen Kirk, Miami Sonnet 1
___________, Miami Sonnet 2
___________, Roof Leak, Mima Calls
___________, Here in Paradise
___________, Spring Sonnet
John Kneisly, In the Field
__________, The Face at the Festival
Luann Landon, Active and Contemplative
David Landrum, One Night’s Dying
_____________, DaVinci
_____________, Simon’s Sonnet
_____________, Ice Age
_____________, Eros Silentium
_____________, Etiology
_____________, Sonnets from Rock and Roll, #5
Suzanne K. Lang, Recurring Dream
______________, Cystic Sonnet
______________, Fortune
Kristin LaTour, Rags
Jenna Le, Middlemarch in Middle America
_______, Family Movie Night, 1994
_______, The Worst Day of Brook Watson's Life
Valerie Lester, Wringing the Songs
Judith Liniado, State of the Art
Ernesto Livorni, Sonetto della rimembranza
___________, Agonia
Laurence Loeb, Sonnet for Salty
Anthony Lombardy, Disbelieving
_____________, For All You Know
_____________, Shells
John MacLean, When It Happend
____________, How It Is
Candace McClelland, Hitching
Melissa McEwen, Hartford, My City
Deborah Melone, The Optics of Speech
Ann Michael, Monet Paints the Cathedral
__________, Jurors
Nancy Bailey Miller, Time to Reboot
________________, Terraced Steps
________________, A Fabric Left Behind
James Naiden, Sonnet to Weldon Kees
____________, A Sonnet for James Whitehead
____________, After Winter Comes the Spring
Lee Nash, Sleeping Bees
_______, The Algebra of the Snail
James B. Nicola, Phones
_____________, Something Like a Life
_____________, Night Becoming
Richard Moore, The New Spirit Among Us Speaks
Philip Nikolayev, Evening Drama
Mary O’Donoghue, Sonnet for an Ineligible Bachelor
Thomas O’Grady, Triptych: Georgia on My Mind, Heredity, and Small Wonder
Tony Peek, Beg?
________, On Gluttony
Denise Provost, Blizzard
____________, Belief in Things Unseen
____________, Illusions
Nikki Raymond, Black Vultures at Merritt Island
Aidan Rooney,
____________, Salut
____________, Empire
____________, 4th of July
Jennifer Rose, Eastham Sonnets (featured 1998)
Michele Rosenthal, What We Chase
Mary Rotella, After a Rain
David J. Rothman, Dialogue with Venus
______________, And Remember to be Kind to Yourself
______________, Another One
Rosemarie Rowley, Lady Macbeth
_______________, Hermione
Sayoudh Roy, On Wearing Shorts
William Ruleman, Journeys, translation
____________, The Strange City, translation
____________, Sonnet, translation
____________, To One Elizabeth. . . .
____________, Petrarchan on Women in Love
____________, An Evening in Early Spring, translation
____________, Sonnet of the Soul, translation
____________, A Spenserian Sonnet for Early Spring
____________, Eros, translation
____________, Rose of Fire, translation
____________, The Giants Now
____________, Finding the Center
____________, Refuge
____________, An Ancestral Home
____________, The Blakean Artists
____________, Giles
____________, Summer Garden, translation
____________, Tough Choice, translation
____________, The Great Poem
____________, The Aging Professor Encounters the African Princess
____________, The Satisfied, Translation
____________, Roman Night, Translation
Stephen Sandy, Rain Crow
___________, Spell
___________, Tenants
Katherine E. Schneider, Sightings
Rebecca Seiferle, Broken Crown of Sonnets for My Father’s Forehead
_____________, translation of 3 poems by César Vallejo,   Willow,   Absent,   Under the Poplars
_____________, Until the Cuticles Bleed
_____________, The Shearing
_____________, After John Donne’s "The Dream"
Donald Sheehy, The Dead of Spring
____________, And Signs Shall Follow
____________, I Looked, and Behold
____________, In White
____________, A Further Reflection
Jac Shortland, Climbing Trees
Ron Singer, Real-Sock Sonnet
__________, Polyglot Subway Car
Wendy Sloan, Turbid Siri, translation
__________, To the Moon, translation
Dinah Smith, Skin Deep
Michael Todd Steffen, Orpheus
_________________, Red White and Blue
David Stephenson, Dust Devil
_______________, Loner
Paul Christian Stevens, Change of Tune
_________________, Absent Deity
_________________, Auto-da-fé
_________________, Simply Sky
_________________, The Pavement Artist
B. E. Stock, The Street Pavers
_________, The Disguise
_________, The Undoing
_________, From the Other Side
_________, House Tides
_________, Life
_________, Vito Cardinale
_________, Demoted Planet
_________, The Past
Matthew Sweeney, The Letter
Adam Tessier, Summer Music
___________, Sonnet on Michelangelo
Andrew Tully, Brainwater
__________, Auto-Erotica
__________, The Bagpiper Waits
Pauette Demers Turco, The Parish Didn’t Prepare My Mother
_________________, The Touch of Wood, seven sonnets
Gene Twaronite, Lizard Light
Ramis Uzgiris, Chasing the Muse
___________, Catholic Education
___________, On Gravitational Effects in the Expanding Field of Poetry
Wendy Vardaman, Domestic Sonnet #26
__________, Domestic Sonnet #63
__________, Declining Markets
Chris Wallace-Crabbe, from the Gallimaufry
_________________, 8 Sonnets from "Modern Times"
_________________, Among the Isobars
_________________, Fire Storm
Henry Weinfield, a translation of "Quand vous serez bien vieille, au soir à la chandelle" by Pierre de Ronsard
_________________, Three Translations of Ronsard,       Les amours de Marie,    IX    XXVIII    XXIX
Gail White, Cats, Dogs, and Philosophers
Kelley Jean White, Kick Line for the Night of Divas
______________, Postcard on the First Day of Spring
______________, The Celtic Armband
______________, The Old Man
______________, When I Googled Sonnet Scroll
______________, Framed
Joyce Wilson, Two Temperaments
__________, On Opening a Book of Poems by Michael Drayton and Finding Pages Uncut
__________, Our Cat Explains His Abscess
__________, Unemployed
__________, Summer Wild
__________, Three Signs, Granby, Mass.
__________, On the Loss of a Ring
__________, Fire Alarm Tripped at 6:00 A.M.
__________, Sonnets for Sunflowers
Leo Yankevich, This Morning
___________, Paean
___________, Susan
___________, Poem in October

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