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 William Ruleman, The Great Poem
 ______________, The Aging Professor Encounters the African Princess
 ______________, The Satisfied, Translation
 ______________, Roman Night, Translation
 Valerie Lester, Wringing the Songs
 Richard Dey, Cuttyhunk
 __________, At the WoodenBoat Show
 Terese Coe, Fool Speaks
 Bruce Bennett, Digital
 ____________, In Answer to a Question

In Memory:
 Diana Der-Hovanessian, Two Thousand Page Suicide Note
 ___________________, Don Juan and the Stone Guest
 Victor Howes, Zeus Hatches a Plan
 ___________, Cash Cow
 ___________, Eve’s Boast
 ___________, Three-headed Dog
 ___________, High Times
 ___________, Windchill Factor

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