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 Bruce Bennett, Estranged
 ___________, The Sport
 B. E. Stock, The Past
 Elise Hempel, Fraternal
 ___________, The Costumer
 ___________, The Twins
 ___________, Name
 ___________, The Echo
 James B. Nicola, Something Like a Life
 _____________, Night Becoming
 Richard Aston, Nursing
 Orla Fay, Hard Man
 _______, On the Boat

 Michael Todd Steffen, Orpheus
 _________________, Red White and Blue
 Joseph Dorazio, Ode on a Grueby Vase
 Marcia Karp, Aprill
 __________, What's Left of You
 Dinah Smith, Skin Deep
 Lee Nash, Sleeping Bees
 _______, The Algebra of the Snail
 Heather Dubrow, The City Pigeon
 Jeff Holt, Caged
 Lee Evans, Beach Bum
 ________, Excursion
 Katherine E. Schneider, Sightings
 Jac Shortland, Climbing Trees

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