Poetry Porch: the Sonnet Scroll contents

C. B. Anderson, Organismic Compensations
____________, A Dim View from Above
Richard Aston, On Machines and Human Beings
___________, Trapping Bees
___________, A Feud
___________, The Laborer
___________, Nursing
William Baer, ICU
__________, Reprieve
Bruce Bennett, Estranged
___________, The Sport
Minnie C. Bindas, A Sonnet for Richard
Jane Blanchard, Wash and Wear
____________, Belatedly, a Sonnet
Harriet Malnate Bonish, To the Faxon House, Razed
Shaune Bornholdt, Snow White
______________, Crack the Whip
Paul Breslin, On What I Counted Most
_________, When Last I Saw You
Kim Bridgford, Strangers on a Train
___________, Rear Window
___________, North By Northwest
___________, Hitchcock’s Vision
Bob Brooks, Joy Street
Julia Budenz, Reply by the Rhymes to a Sonnet by Martha Collins
_________, Roman Sonnet
_________, Birthday Card
_________, Replies to Petrarch’s poem 107, fifteen sonnets (featured 1998)
Michael Burch, Free Fall
___________, Imperfect Sonnet
___________, Pan
___________, In Defense of Meter
___________, Your e-Verse
___________, Distances
Patricia Callan, Real Estate
__________, From the Piano
__________, Macbeth Considers His Lady
Esther Cameron, The First Line Is the Hardest
David Castleman, Dylan Thomas
Catherine Chandler, Expat
_______________, Sisters
_______________, The Girl in the Photograph
Helen Degen Cohen, Your Oh So Traditional Childlike Face
Martha Collins, Sonnet After a Line by Sue Standing
William Conelly, Separates
Miles Coon, Silent Love Unfolds
Eleanor Cory, Mural
_________, Georgia O’Keeffe
_________, Harmony
Barbara Lydecker Crane, Grinnell Glacier Drawings
Ellen Davis, The Elevator
__________,  After "After Mayakovsky" by Denis Johnson
__________,  In the Twentieth Century
Chard deNiord, Adam’s Lament
____________, Eve’s Lament
Diana Der-Hovanessian, Two Thousand Page Suicide Note
___________________, Don Juan and the Stone Guest
Paul H. Desmond, The Last Round
_____________, The World of Swinging Singles
Susan Donnelly, For William Stafford
___________,  At a Dressing Room Mirror
___________,  Report on the Cottage
___________,  Mortgaged
Joseph Dorazio, Ode on a Grueby Vase
Tanya Ubiles Duarte, Spitting Images
_______________, Do You have Fire?
_______________, Ramón
_______________, The Doubles
_______________, Chuleta Lips
Heather Dubrow, The City Pigeon
K. E. Duffin, Julia in the Bois de Boulogne, 1858
__________, Elm
__________, Three sonnets (featured 1998)
Moira Egan, Catherine nue assise sur une peau de panthère
__________, La femme aux bas blancs
__________, Sonnet on the Occasion of His __th Birthday
__________, In the Villa Sciarra Garden
Rhina P. Espaillat, Year’s End
_____________, Remembering My Parents Remembering Books They Read Together
_____________, What the Leaves Say
_____________, Survivor
_____________, The Life
_____________, Tapestry
Anna Evans, Cleopatra’s Needles
_________, Collusion
_________, In Other News (A Love Poem)
_________, Sonnet on a Line from Star Wars
Lee Evans, Regret
_________, Some Secret Garden
_________, Seeing
_________, Tidal Pool
_________, Out of Orbit
_________, Father of the Man
_________, Lunch Hour
_________, First Thing in the Morning
_________, Susquehanna:River of Mud
_________, Beach Bum
_________, Excursion
Michael Fantina, In Dream
_____________, The Street
Orla Fay, Hard Man
_______, On the Boat
Annie Finch, The Lawn
_________, Wild Yeasts
Linda M. Fischer, Sonnet Against the Night
Paul Fraleigh, Aspirations
Kevin Gallagher, Drive Bye
Claudia Gary, Roadkill
Thomas Gothers, Summer Morning
Tracey Gratch, Autumn Encounters
____________, Natalie, at Four
R. W. Haynes, Ominous Sounds from the Getty Hexameters
____________, Cold Water Wisdom Up North
____________, Colonel Sanders Needs Love, Too
Joyce Heapes, Chambered Nautilis
Lois Elaine Heckman, Solo
_________________, Clinging
_________________, Encroaching Darkness
Robin Helweg-Larsen, Portraits
Elise Hempel, Fraternal
___________, The Costumer
___________, The Twins
___________, Name
___________, The Echo
John Hildebidle, Reveille
_____________, Johnny Mudge
Kathleen Hill, Requesting the Pleasure of Your Company
Jeff Holt, Thanksgiving
_______, Cat and Mouse
_______, Caged
Victor Howes, Zeus Hatches a Plan
___________, Cash Cow
___________, Eve’s Boast
___________, Three-headed Dog
___________, High Times
___________, Windchill Factor
Teresa Iverson, After Montale
____________, Second Life
Marcy Jarvis, Pasquinade
David Johnson, If the Latin AP Dies
Donna Johnson, Bee Balm
Marcia Karp, Aprill
__________, What's Left of You
X. J. Kennedy, On the Conviction of an English Teacher for Child Molesting
___________, Abyss
Joan A. W. Kimball, Atalanta
_____________, Emerson Hospital or Her Full Knee Replacement
Kathleen Kirk, Miami Sonnet 1
___________, Miami Sonnet 2
___________, Roof Leak, Mima Calls
___________, Here in Paradise
___________, Spring Sonnet
John Kneisly, In the Field
__________, The Face at the Festival
Luann Landon, Active and Contemplative
David Landrum, One Night’s Dying
_____________, DaVinci
_____________, Simon’s Sonnet
_____________, Ice Age
_____________, Eros Silentium
_____________, Etiology
_____________, Sonnets from Rock and Roll, #5
Suzanne K. Lang, Recurring Dream
______________, Cystic Sonnet
______________, Fortune
Kristin LaTour, Rags
Jenna Le, Middlemarch in Middle America
_______, Family Movie Night, 1994
_______, The Worst Day of Brook Watson's Life
Judith Liniado, State of the Art
Ernesto Livorni, Sonetto della rimembranza
___________, Agonia
Laurence Loeb, Sonnet for Salty
Anthony Lombardy, Disbelieving
_____________, For All You Know
_____________, Shells
John MacLean, When It Happend
____________, How It Is
Candace McClelland, Hitching
Deborah Melone, The Optics of Speech
Ann Michael, Monet Paints the Cathedral
__________, Jurors
Nancy Bailey Miller, Time to Reboot
________________, Terraced Steps
________________, A Fabric Left Behind
James Naiden, Sonnet to Weldon Kees
____________, A Sonnet for James Whitehead
____________, After Winter Comes the Spring
Lee Nash, Sleeping Bees
_______, The Algebra of the Snail
James B. Nicola, Phones
_____________, Something Like a Life
_____________, Night Becoming
Richard Moore, The New Spirit Among Us Speaks
Philip Nikolayev, Evening Drama
Mary O’Donoghue, Sonnet for an Ineligible Bachelor
Thomas O’Grady, Triptych: Georgia on My Mind, Heredity, and Small Wonder
Tony Peek, Beg?
________, On Gluttony
Denise Provost, Blizzard
____________, Belief in Things Unseen
____________, Illusions
Aidan Rooney, Warning
____________, Salut
____________, Empire
____________, 4th of July
Jennifer Rose, Eastham Sonnets (featured 1998)
Michele Rosenthal, What We Chase
Mary Rotella, After a Rain
David J. Rothman, Dialogue with Venus
______________, And Remember to be Kind to Yourself
______________, Another One
Rosemarie Rowley, Lady Macbeth
_______________, Hermione
Sayoudh Roy, On Wearing Shorts
William Ruleman, Journeys, Translation
____________, The Strange City, Translation
____________, Sonnet, Translation
____________, To One Elizabeth. . . .
____________, Petrarchan on Women in Love
____________, An Evening in Early Spring, Translation
____________, Sonnet of the Soul, Translation
____________, A Spenserian Sonnet for Early Spring
____________, Eros, translation
____________, Rose of Fire, translation
____________, The Giants Now
____________, Finding the Center
;___________, Refuge
Stephen Sandy, Rain Crow
___________, Spell
___________, Tenants
Katherine E. Schneider, Sightings
Rebecca Seiferle, Broken Crown of Sonnets for My Father’s Forehead
_____________, translation of 3 poems by César Vallejo,   Willow,   Absent,   Under the Poplars
_____________, Until the Cuticles Bleed
_____________, The Shearing
_____________, After John Donne’s "The Dream"
Donald Sheehy, The Dead of Spring
____________, And Signs Shall Follow
____________, I Looked, and Behold
____________, In White
____________, A Further Reflection
Jac Shortland, Climbing Trees
Ron Singer, Real-Sock Sonnet
__________, Polyglot Subway Car
Wendy Sloan, Turbid Siri, translation
__________, To the Moon, translation
Dinah Smith, Skin Deep
Michael Todd Steffen, Orpheus
_________________, Red White and Blue
Paul Christian Stevens, Change of Tune
_________________, Absent Deity
_________________, Auto-da-fé
_________________, Simply Sky
_________________, The Pavement Artist
B. E. Stock, The Street Pavers
_________, The Disguise
_________, The Undoing
_________, From the Other Side
_________, House Tides
_________, Life
_________, Vito Cardinale
_________, Demoted Planet
_________, The Past
Matthew Sweeney, The Letter
Adam Tessier, Summer Music
___________, Sonnet on Michelangelo
Andrew Tully, Brainwater
__________, Auto-Erotica
__________, The Bagpiper Waits
Gene Twaronite, Lizard Light
Ramis Uzgiris, Chasing the Muse
___________, Catholic Education
___________, On Gravitational Effects in the Expanding Field of Poetry
Wendy Vardaman, Domestic Sonnet #26
__________, Domestic Sonnet #63
__________, Declining Markets
Chris Wallace-Crabbe, from the Gallimaufry
_________________, 8 Sonnets from "Modern Times"
_________________, Among the Isobars
_________________, Fire Storm
Henry Weinfield, a translation of "Quand vous serez bien vieille, au soir à la chandelle" by Pierre de Ronsard
_________________, Three Translations of Ronsard,       Les amours de Marie,    IX    XXVIII    XXIX
Gail White, Cats, Dogs, and Philosophers
Kelley Jean White, Kick Line for the Night of Divas
______________, Postcard on the First Day of Spring
______________, The Celtic Armband
______________, The Old Man
______________, When I Googled Sonnet Scroll
Joyce Wilson, Two Temperaments
__________, On Opening a Book of Poems by Michael Drayton and Finding Pages Uncut
__________, Our Cat Explains His Abscess
__________, Unemployed
__________, Summer Wild
__________, Three Signs, Granby, Mass.
__________, On the Loss of a Ring
__________, Fire Alarm Tripped at 6:00 A.M.
__________, Sonnets for Sunflowers
Leo Yankevich, This Morning
___________, Paean
___________, Susan
___________, Poem in October

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