Poetry Porch: Poetry


A great morning arrives
by Marge Piercy

After a week of soggy grey days,
clouds a sagging wool blanket,
fog but no rain, just air heavy
enough to leave a coating on skin,

a front slid in last night on the wind
and today the air is a nice gin
and tonic, a sparkling drink just
cool enough to enjoy, air clear

as polished glass. The cats
are up off the floor, no longer
small fur rugs, frisky, playing,
tails straight up, flagpoles

signifying happy. My batteries
are charged, my spine glows,
my head is clear as the air.
Iím ready for weeds that attack

my flowers, my veggies, my
bushes. I shall kill them all.

Copyright © 2018 by Marge Piercy.