Poetry Porch: Poetry


By Llyn Clague

Rhythms flood up inside me like a geyser
rising out of a subterranean sea and shooting into the sky,
a cannonade, a million drops, a singular force,
anarchic and united, molecules of my soul,
like notes of rag, jazz, blues, country, a symphony,
splatters of paint, slop-splat on canvas, color kaleidoscope,
rhythms with no image, no vision, beats like the heart
(from all-out to at rest, all-in, and all in between),
rhythms with vagrant, vagabond variety and look! eureka regularity,
rapid, raucous, ruminative, rueful, raunchy,
rhythms flooding up from far below the surface
into my airy interior, into my wide sky, hurrah! hurrah! hurrah!

Copyright © 2021 by Llyn Clague.