Poetry Porch: Poetry


Little Piece of Fantasia
by Llyn Clague

In my mid-20s, after, in despair,
quitting career to become writer.

Choosing, after considerable cogitation,
a nom de plume a put-on personality Cliff Singer.

To become in my considerable imagination
oh, an eagle in an aerie, a truth-teller: on high, distant, airy.

*       *       *

Today, after, all the years, the lies,
cringing at my grandiosity.

But that little piece of fantasia
sits in my mind like a lily on a pond.
A flat, floating, green leaf
topped by a perky, white-yellow flower,
with roots that reach, reach down.

*       *       *

Down through the water of childhood
to soft, dark, nourishing mud.

Nourishing a white-yellow flower,
perky, pointing, in the sunlight, up.

And a vision, after despair,
grandiose, airy, and very young.

Copyright © 2018 by Llyn Clague.