Poetry Porch: Poetry


Siren call
By Eric Chiles

Alluring voice at the other end of the line
insists I need an extended warranty.
My carís is near its expiration time.
Repairs cost, she purrs. Itís a priority.

Lovely voice, not computer generated.
Someone paid her to record this pitch.
Sweetly urgent, Iím almost captivated.
Siren call, how many listen to this witch?

Innocent voice, she sounds so concerned.
Did she know she was hired for a scam?
Was she ignorant or just unconcerned
about turning tricks for her madam?

This gameís as old as the Odyssey
whose echoes stuff suspicion in my ears,
alerting me to a whiff of hypocrisy.
Plus, I havenít owned that car for years.

Copyright © 2021 by Eric Chiles.