Poetry Porch: Poetry


The seer is a sayer
By Mary Buchinger

                          – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Emerson   Fuller   Thoreau
believed in the word
         that the word   the exact
                          the right   word
could shape what was possible

they huddled together in Concord
at the Manse   knee to knee
to ponder   definitions like meteor:
          A fiery or luminous body
          or appearance flying or floating

Noah Websterís 1828 dictionary
is shot-through with Calvinism
    Susan Howe explains here
    in the Divinity Chapel where
    Emerson delivered his 1838
    Commencement address:

    speak the truth,
    and all nature and all spirits
    help you with unexpected furtherance

Howe recalls the fervor
of the Transcendentalists
their belief in the power
of the word

    her definition of poetry:
    love for felt fact   and I feel called

    the exact Word     what
  in the beginning was with
  and what was –     in roots
in etymology   hope   possible
                        wing   and dwelling
Dickinsonís slant   not
in the told
           but in the telling

Copyright © 2021 by Mary Buchinger.