Poetry Porch: Poetry


Tutoring Amanda
by Bruce Bennett

He didn’t know how to help her.
His training was a bust.
Good will could get him nowhere.
He stalled, and then he just
Gave up. “Come back tomorrow,”
he said. “We’ll try again.”
She closed the door behind her.
He sat in silence. Then
Retreated to his bookcase
and stood with hanging head.
The noises in the hallway
came faintly through. They said,
— Tomorrow, man, we’ll party! . . .
— God! I don’t think I’ll pass! . . .

He grabbed his books and papers
and headed for his class.
He saw her at the corner.
She laughed and clung to Tim,
who’d whispered something funny.
She didn’t notice him.

Copyright © 2019 by Bruce Bennett.