Poetry Porch: Poetry

by Henry Weinfield

“I read the news today. Oh boy.” The Beatles

1. The Delivery Man

A Chinese-food delivery man,
An immigrant and without means,
Working at any jobs he can,
Makes a delivery in Queens.

He parks and steps outside his van.
A girl and three boys in their teens
Rob him, according to their plan—
And with a brick bash in his brains.

2. In Sierra Leone

Boys of eleven, sometimes ten,
Were taught to mutilate and maim,
Commit atrocities my pen
Cannot describe or even name.

But they were led by ruthless men
Lacking in any sense of shame.
Soon they will grow to manhood. Then
Their sons will turn out just the same.

3. Intifada

His hands are smeared with human blood—
He holds them out in front of him,
Gesticulating to the crowd.
“God is great!” the people scream.

From the window where he stood
A body falls as in a dream,
Hurtling headlong to the road—
And so they tear it limb from limb.


Copyright © 2005 by Henry Weinfield.