Poetry Porch: Poetry


by Antoinette Treadway

You raged inside the madhouse, now you know
how weeds can overtake the human brain
but now it's time to learn your life can grow.

The fresh-turned garden tells you how to go:
break up the soil, prepare for sun and rain.
You raged inside the madhouse. Now you know

about the bindweed that can twist and flow
and spiral through the newly green terrain,
but work can clear it so your life can grow.

Day starts in darkness, even birth is woe;
but roots hold on to anchor healthy grain.
You raged inside the madhouse, and you know

that when those crooked fingers took you low
you could not sing the gardener's sweet refrain.
But now that time has passed: your life can grow.

Replace the brambled maze of long ago
with straighter paths and patience to be plain.
You raged inside the madhouse, now you know
if you are strong and still, your life can grow.

Copyright © 2014 by Antoinette Treadway.