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Artists and Airplanes: the Timeless and Contemporary

Call for papers: poetry, essays, stories, reviews

Submission schedule: December 15, 2016 to February 15, 2017

This issue of The Poetry Porch will examine thematic treatments of artists and airplanes as means of perspective, transport, and vision. Poetry and prose pieces will be considered for publication.

This issue marks the twentieth anniversary of The Poetry Porch (1997 to 2017). To commemorate the year, we turn to the work of our regular contributor Julia Budenz for inspiration. About Budenz, Emily Lyle wrote recently: “It is quite striking how much she related to artists and their work, and how evocatively she described the experience of air travel.”

Before the ekphrastic poem became a category in poetry anthologies, Budenz wrote many poems investigating painterly processes and subjects. Her works on visual art engage with aspects of its creation in portraiture, landscape, the creator’s intended design and, in one case, the subject’s response, to speak out from within the frame rather than remain silent.

In her poems inspired by being in a plane, Budenz expresses the exhilaration of flying, of looking out airplane windows at scenic vistas of countries and continents, of being close to canopies of clouds and sky. Inside an airplane, she is aware of speed, changing seasons, leaps in personal growth and reflection. See a list of Budenz’s poems about artists and airplanes here.

We look forward to receiving your work about engaging with visual art and/or air travel. Perhaps some of you have already written just such a poem, or short story, or essay. And if you have something that does not match the theme but you think might interest us, please send it along.

Joyce Wilson
November 2016

NOTE: The spring publication of The Poetry Porch on its the twentieth anniversary will coincide with a festival at Cambridge Public Library in early May 2017. Much of the presented work will come from those pieces published by The Poetry Porch. Details to be announced. For more information, or if you would like to contribute to the festival, contact Joyce Wilson. or Roger Sinnott.

Poems: send 3 to 8 poems. We are looking for poetry that is formal or informal, that adheres to strict meter and rhyme or experiments with them, that is personal or objective, classical or modern, urban or pastoral. These should be original and not previously published. Note: For the 2017 issue, we will not consider simultaneous submissions.

Essays and stories: These can be 300 to 4000 words in length and on any topic (first preference to those having to do with Artists and Airplanes in 2017) that we agree is literary and that shows an engagement with language.

Sonnets: We are interested in original unpublished sonnets to add to The Sonnet Scroll.

Reviews: Critical reviews (300 to 1500 words) of first books of poetry, collections, groups of books, and chapbooks. Book reviews can discuss a current publication or introduce a book published in the past decade that might have been overlooked or that will justify a reconsideration. We suggest that reviewer state what the author has set out to do and discuss how well he or she has done it, quoting specific examples from the original.

Email or US mail: Send MS Word attachments (doc or docx or rtf) or paste text into the message box to poetryporch@poetryporch.com or to jpwwilson@comcast.net or through the link on The Poetry Porch pages. Or you may send hard copies through US mail to Joyce Wilson, Editor, The Poetry Porch, 158 Hollett Street, Scituate, MA 02066.

Contact information: Please include contact information on every page of your submission (name, email, telephone, and US mail address) and a brief biographical statement to let us know who you are, how you heard about The Poetry Porch, where you have published, and other relevant information.