Poetry Porch: Poetry


by Dorothea H. Scher

A caution thatís sincerely meant
to any lady or a gent:
cease and desist trying to learn
a language that will only earn
you upsets without measure.
This is advice that you will treasure.
French is an argot full of rules,
attempts to follow them are for fools,
besides outnumbering parts of speech
are more exceptions you canít breach.
Genders will drive you up the wall
and hereís the weirdest thing of all:
the Paris bridge that spans the Seine,
Pont Neuf, thatís ďnewĒ as you may ken,
is actually the oldest one.
Iíve proved my point and now Iím done.

Copyright © 2012 by Dorothea H. Scher.