Poetry Porch: Poetry


Coyote Morning
by Elizabeth Reeke

Yipping, yipping,
Yelping lean haunches,
Earth morning, rosemary morning, coyote morning,
Swirling mountain dreams,
Swift gaunt haunches, hunters,
Misty dreams of moonlit mornings.

Yipping, Yipping,
Yelping lean dancers,
Twisting, voluted, rubber-band god bodies,
Canopied nether worlds,
Elongated Isis, buried in sands,
Wraps the tombs of sacred valleys.

Yipping, yelping,
Warm wet noses quiver upon the morning;
Graceful dancers with ochre eyes,
Coiled serpents guarding burial chambers;
Deserts rise from rocky mountains,
Deserts rise from falling seas.

Yipping, yipping, yelping,
Coyote moon morning rises,
Drifting, swirling sand rises,
Guardian Isis,
Deep within the earth’s blue mists,
Wraps the tombs of sacred valleys.

Copyright © 2013 by Elizabeth Reeke.