Poetry Porch: Poetry




White mists rise from the morning sea;
Golden sunbeams reach the awakening earth;
In the valley, soft-hued blossoms release their fragrant breath.


O Komboyu,
Why have you left the sea to journey across the mountains?
Why do you weave your damp garlands upon the morning?
As I follow your trail winding along the hillsides
You embrace me with whispers of far-away places;
I look to the tallest redwoods reaching high, higher towards the clouds;
But my footsteps falter
When the cool air flickers across my face from your eternal stillness.

Why have you come?
Why do our paths merge?
Will you stay with me?


The raindrops are falling now upon the veranda,
Sweet melodies splashing upon the morning;
Bright red blossoms sparkle with quivering droplets
And tiny speckled birds dart about, searching the damp earth of the garden;
Inside, by my window, I feel your gentle touch upon my shoulder,
Sweet touch that never leaves me.
Will we wed today, Komboyu?
Why do you whisper so closely?


The clouds are parting now, the sunlight returning;
But your garments still lie draped upon the distant ridges,
And your breath lingers through the valley.


Soon the darkness will fall;
I will pack my bag with scented oils,
Camel bells and flute and lyre,
Soft-colored coverlets,
Fresh almonds and figs.
I will journey to the shadowed canyons;
I will dance upon the winds;
I will find the painted mountains!
You have stolen my heart
And I can pretend to love no other!


Silently the fog slips into the darkness;
A slivered moon rises over the hills;
The valley and ridges twinkle with lights.

O Komboyu!
You who walk the heavens,
You who sing in the stillness,
You whose breath I feel,
You whose breath I breathe,
You who walk the heavens,
O Komboyu, my sweet one!


Copyright © 2008 by Elizabeth Reeke.