The Poetry Porch: Poetry 2008

By Michael Blumenthal:
     And I Have Known the Tedium of Playgrounds
     And This Unconventional Angel That is Mine. And the World For Real
     And The World Is a Resilience of Hopes. And a Darkness as Well.
     And Now the Weather…
     And the Small, Damp Vesuvius of the Hills
The Cracked Tongue by Teresa Iverson
The Light Museum by Ellen Davis
Tornado Forms by Ellen Davis
By Marge Piercy:
     Broken Memory
     Sandpaper Days
By Robert K. Johnson:
     A Ghost Story: One Rainy Day
     A New Year's Eve
     Decades after Our Wedding
By William Doreski:
     The Laurel in Ashes
     Our Wallace Stevens Tour
     Red-Inked Runes

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