The Poetry Porch:  Poetry
By Ted Richer, Five Figurations: 
Six Million
Still Life
The Art
By Richard Moore:
Jungle War
Hymn to an Automatic Washer
Three on the Classics
By Julia Budenz:
By the Tree of Knowledge, Part One, Section     Five
By Robert K. Johnson:
Ernest Hemingway's "The Killers"
By Diana Der-Hovanessian:
The Machine of War
Improving the Golden Rule
Niklos Radnoti to Daniel Varoujan on Dusty     Days
Only One Other Poem
Travelling Home
Songs of Bread
The Bakerís Apprentice
Not Bread
Translating the Word for Bread
By Henry Weinfield:
The News
On the Destruction of the Buddhas of Baniyam
By Joyce Wilson:
One Cow Stands Quietly

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