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eros - storge - agape

Wingéd Creature by Joyce Wilson
Mentor by Jean Pedrick
Lyric in the Manner of Gavin Ewart by Chris 
Extravagant Dress by Kathryn Liebowitz
In St. Mawes by Marge Piercy
Kamasutra for Dummies by Marge Piercy
It Is Enough by Ruth Daigon
Poor Painted Turtle by William Doreski
Glen Cove Day School by William Doreski
Love Poem Too Late by William Doreski
Jennie Chase by Robert Johnson
Letting Go by Richard Fein
Rosaceae by Julia Budenz


Trafalgar Square, London, June 1997 (wide angle, cropped left)
Photograph by John Goldie
Copyright © 1997 by John Goldie