Poetry Porch: 
Archive 2000

Poetry on Forgiveness

Evening Drama 
from Urban Mysteries
Oil on canvas by Allegra Printz.
Copyright © 1997 by Allegra Printz.

By Charles Fishman:
    A Child of the Millennium
   My Fatherís Heart
   Praying for My Sister
   Army Doctor--Unit 731
   Three from Holocaust Memories
   The Young Germans
   A Childís Tale
   For Eve Rutherford
Anniversary by Julia Budenz
Birthday of a Courier by Esther Cameron
The Binary System by John Hildebidle
The Two of Us by Robert K. Johnson
By Michael Blumenthal:
   For I Have Lived Like a Dusty Angel
   From Laps, Section #28
   Night Rocking
   Waving Good-bye to My Father
Taxi in Millersí Glen by Joyce Wilson
The Housewarming Gift by Rebecca Seiferle
Downward by Richard Fein
Ephebe in Bronze by Martin McKinsey
Sicut et Nos by Julia Budenz
Effects of Wind and Sun by John Hildebidle
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