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eros - storge - agape (continued)

Night Flower by Robert Johnson
Her Dressing Table, like an Old-Style Altar
          by John Hildebidle
Going on Three by Richard Fein
Commencement by Joyce Wilson
The Effects of Dark and Light by Ruth Daigon
Motorcyclists by Richard Aston
The Jamaican by Richard Aston
Ambassador of Want by Kathryn Liebowitz
All Gone by Marge Piercy
Sitting on Sunday Morning, Sipping Coffee 
          by John Hildebidle
An Admission by John Hildebidle
Fighting Shy by Richard Fein

A. K. Natarajan and the Three Varieties of Love, a short story by Vivek Narayanan

Trafalgar Square, London, June 1997 (wide angle, center)
Photograph by John Goldie
Copyright © 1997 by John Goldie

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