Poetry Porch: Poetry


Something is different today
by Marge Piercy

The days grow a little bit longer
imperceptible until itís time to start
supper and I can see to the fringe
of pines past the vegetable garden.

Birds are just as frantic for seeds.
Ponds look as if you could walk
across. Branches are still sleeping.
Moon has a face of pocked snow.

Blizzards are whipping themselves
to frenzy on the edge of the map.
The ground has slammed shut.
Itís winter, sure, but something

has turned. The air weighs less.
Mornings donít feel like dead midnight.
That goldfinch wears bright mating
plumage. The sun is gold, not orange.

The wheel is turning over. Iím feeling
a surge clambering up my spine. Sex
is waking, a slow opening in fox and cat
like a rose loosening its locked bud.

Copyright © 2017 by Marge Piercy.