Poetry Porch: Poetry


by Marcia Karp

                         For TR

Those other fatal femmes (you know them) insisted on renown.
But who’s to fly the rumor when my lover is spellbound?
“Have pity on the tree,” you said. “In silence it falls down.”

     Helen had her heroes
     Kleopatra kissed a king
     But “Marcia makes men mad”
     Is not a brag the children sing

          So let M be for mmm
          A for again
          R, our discretion
          C, charm and change
          I is indulgence
          Ahh, yet again

(Dear you, who understand the privacy of trees –
M is him elsewhere, is mustn’t, is mute.
I am entrusting you for a witness.)

Copyright © 2016 by Marcia Karp.