Poetry Porch: Poetry


Wingèd Creature
by Joyce Wilson 

The night had raised an early summer storm,
And then the morning sent me fluttering.
Your garden stones, inviting and so warm,
Attracted me, for I was shivering.

You watched me in contortions of distress
And picked me up and held me in your palm;
And then the ardor of your sudden kiss
Enveloped me with passion and alarm.

I might have stayed a month, or even more,
Where waters shimmered, artfully controlled
Between embankment flowers fed with ore.
And then my veins were pumped with liquid gold. 

I laughed at you and shouldn’t have, transfixed
By this moment. I was the woman charmed.
But once I found my wings, my pinions flexed.
You stooped to catch your love. I flew transformed.

Copyright © 2003 by Joyce Wilson.