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Poems on artists and airplanes in The Gardens of Flora Baum by Julia Budenz

Emilyís list of poems:

    1) airplane Vol. 2: pp. 188-9
    2) painting Vol. 2: p. 197
    3) Tree: Airplane and stress on the visual and the eyes Vol 2: p. 204
    4) painting Vol 2: p. 208
    5) portrait Vol 2: p. 121
    6) Context. Flemish painting Vol. 2: p. 67
    7) Petrarch. Looking down on clouds Vol. 3: pp. 73-4
    8) Exile. Airplane Vol. 3: pp. 31-2
    9) Sculptured roof in Rome Vol 3: p. 713
    10) Hindenburg airship 1937 Vol. 5: pp. 43-5

         (The Gardens of Flora Baum by Julia Budenz, Chelmsford: Carpathia Press, 2011.)

If you would like a printout of Budenzís poems about artists and airplanes, and you do not have her books, please request a pdf file from the editor at Poetry Porch Mail.

You may order the five-volume hard bound set of The Gardens of Flora Baum through Roger Sinnott of Carpathia Press.

Paperback copies of individual volumes are available through LULU .