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About George Kalogeris

George Kalogeris teaches English Literature and Classics in Translation at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the author of Dialogos, Paired Poems in Translation (Antilever Press) and a book of poems based on the notebooks of Albert Camus entitled Camus: Carnets (Pressed Wafer).
     In 1986 George Kalogeris received a masters degree in creative writing from Boston University. He completed his Ph.D. studies in comparative literature at the University Professors Program, Boston University in 1991. His doctoral thesis was entitled "Folk Songs and Foreign Influences in Modern Greek Poetry: the Growth of the Demotic Tradition." His poems have appeared in Agni, Harvard Review, and Ploughshares. "Horace in Athens," translated from Cavafy, appears in the Penguin edition of Horace in English (1996).

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