Poetry Porch: Poetry


by Gavan Duffy

Here is where I most want to be,
among the undone, the just started.
Bits of sentences, isolated words
all waiting to be connected.
Their promise excites me,
what they might become,
not what they are:
fluid unformed unencumbered,
boundless in their incompletion.
Free to sample, to travel,
to join briefly,
to disentangle themselves
and become possibilities again.
They are beginnings middles and endings,
characters imagined described
and abandoned.
Protected by their rawness they are safe here,
just beyond the reach of judgment.
Here the images that resurface,
that my mind swallowed
in wide-eyed gulps,
almost breathe as they dress the page
in rags and patches never stitched or tied.
Scribbled down sketches of raging regrets
and unoriginal sins,
the in-significant others,
and their pinches on the heart.

Copyright © 2013 by Gavan Duffy.