Poetry Porch: Poetry


Emergency Landing
by K. E. Duffin

The jet, having skidded to a seaplane halt and spun,
becomes a floating crucifixion

hatching mortals, dark inchworms inching out,
tentative, in the icy air. The stiff, flung-out

arms have become aquatic angel’s wings.
It resembles some holy, ridiculous tableau, floating

on river currents. Those who just escaped the Last
Judgment seem about to break into song, a coatless

diptych chorus whose division
into left and right turns out to have no higher meaning.

Water laps at their feet. The birds—churned
to bits by the engine and burned—

were on their way somewhere too, a meditative vee
mashed into fragrant sacrificial smoke. Three

boats like gentle dogs nose the buoyant calamity.
Fire, water, death, and birds, one a metal fake. See

the long, white, shuddering wake of Icarus
who survived the birth of chaos.

Copyright © 2017 by K. E. Duffin.