Poetry Porch: Poetry


Divorce Court (II)
by Heather Dubrow

A whole team of carpenters canít fix yesterday,
tomorrow shrugged and ran off with the family silver,
lost plots tap dance on the open cuts
from our arsenal of steak knives.

Yes, your honor, an irreparable breakdown
of that lovely wedding china
when I threw it
our bridal registry ensures that your marriage starts
an irreparable breakdown
of promises and platitudes
you two seem made for each other
and an irreparable breakdown
of my car which is why I was late to the hearing
and late to the seeing and knowing for that matter
the wife is the last to know

The patient is a twenty-four-year-old Caucasian marriage
presenting with a general feeling of malaise and exhaustion.
Reports a family history of happy marriages.
Previous history includes suspicion
of unexplained late nights at the office.
On clinical examination a 2 cm. cyst
of anger discovered in the lungs,
metastasis to the heart
cannot be ruled out pending further tests.

Copyright © 2010 by Heather Dubrow.