Poetry Porch: Poetry


Glen Cove Day School 
by William Doreski 

A siege of daisies wilted
in the fog. Glen Cove’s lone buoy
winked to lure us onto the rocks,
but we bled on the polished floors.
We were hard on each other.
Lonely without a mess of children.
Your two weren’t enough; they lobbed
spitballs into the damp rooms
but failed to rouse their elders.
Fog grayed the space between us,
our voices whetted through cotton.
Outside, I picked one daisy while
you roped your kids into the car.
White petals, heart of fool’s gold.
I shredded it for a single lie.
Love couldn’t penetrate that fog,
no more than an air hammer
would suffice to murder a ghost.

Copyright © 2002 by William Doreski.