Poetry Porch: Poetry


Travelling Home
by Diana Der-Hovanessian

It is Christmastime
and a train crosses the plains
in darkness toward a city
of lights that floats ahead
appears and disappears
like a mirage.

Our window reflects us now;
darkness flattens the land-
scape and silvers the glass
as we wait for strings
of light to crisscross
small town streets
and join us to our past.

It is Christmastime
and even those of us who do
not believe in Bethlehem
believe in light.
And the city of light
flickers ahead.

Copyright © 2002 by Diana Der-Hovanessian.
Reprinted from The Burning Glass by Diana Der-Hovanessian.  Riverdale-on-Hudson, NY: Sheep Meadow Press, 2002.