Poetry Porch: Poetry


Song for Guy
by Ruth Arnison

Another afternoon spent in that waste
of a waiting room. Too humiliated to
make contact

and find Iíd been forgotten. Headed out
to the garden to attack some weeds. Bugger
him, bugger them

The docks looked easy to pull but like some
guys they arenít. The neighbourís having a
teenage row

with his daughter. Not waiting to be drawn
in as umpire I retrieve my mp3 and turn
Elton on

Now that would be an achievement. I dig up
spadefuls of anger, dig in shovels of compost
forkfuls of lime, slime

Next time he visits Iíll surround myself with
marigolds. Theyíre a gardenerís friend when
it comes to pest control

Copyright © 2009 by Ruth Arnison.