Poetry Porch: Poetry


Barbara Ellen
by Ruth Arnison

She was selling bookmarks of
Charles and Di, not even on special
and no she didnít stock blutack,
witeout or books of stamps but if
it was odor-eaters I was needing, with
a smirk and a nod in my sonís direction,
she could help. I suggested she stock up
on tact as there was a gap on her shelves

We returned to the street where
a tramp serenaded workers slouched
on the midday pavement. Even a 24/7
walker attempting to escape his demons
had paused. Barbara Ellen, spam sandwiches,
stink emanating from overflowing rubbish bins
and the cheering as Barbara pined
for Sweet William

I watched my lad amble back to school and
contemplated telling the boss to forget
his concert, Iíd just witnessed better. But
I kept mum and organised a conference call,
transcribed his scrooge-like scrawl, rechecked
the stationery supplies, rang his wife and told
more lies, while arranging briar entwined with
roses for his lover

Copyright © 2009 by Ruth Arnison.