Poetry Porch 1999: TRAVEL TRAVAILS

I Am Very Decorous Here by Caroline Finkelstein
Christmas in Cairo by Joyce Wilson

Trastevere Mural, photograph by John Goldie

Five by Nadya Aisenberg
     Ask Me Why I Go
     Thinking of Sicily in Provincetown in January
     Captiva Island
     At Palenque
     At Zihuatanejo
Epistles by Julia Budenz
Meridian by Ellen Davis
The State of Haryana by Richard Fein
Two by Richard Dey
     "Sweet Dreaming Spirit"
     Approaching City Lights
Three by Helen Degen Cohen
     San Diego
     Wishing for New York
     I Remember Coming into Warsaw, a Child
Indochine by Chris Wallace-Crabbe
I Mottetti by Eugenio Montale translated from the Italian by Katherine Jackson
The Eel by Montale, translated from the Italian by Alan Marshfield
Maps by Alan Marshfield
A Poet in the Barbican Hall Audience by Robert Johnson
Terra Australis Nondum Cognita by Emily Lyle
Two by Susanne Dubroff
     Later Iím Told Heís Surrounded by an Adoring Ring of Snake-Swallowing Women
Two by Caroline Finkelstein
     After the Red Devil
     Thereís No Umberto Eco in my Life
A Cat Goes to Rome by Judith Benét Richardson
Five by Jennifer Rose
     Lipik Postcard
     Mostar Postcard
     Southern Postcard
     Gettysburg Postcard
     Cape Cod Post Card
Three by Joyce Wilson
     The Advantages of Driving
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