The Poetry Porch            edited by Joyce Wilson


Seaside Conversation by Allegra Printz
Copyright © 2017 by Allegra Printz  (oil pastel on paper, 12 by 19 inches) 
INCLUDING: Ruth Arnison   Danny P. Barbare   Patricia Behrens   Paula Bonnell   Michael R. Burch   Barbara Siegel Carlson    K. E. Duffin   Richard Dey   A. Adams Elias   Mary Freeman   Nels Hanson   Elena Harap   Kasey Hartung   Dolores Hayden   Kathryn Hinds   Robert K. Johnson   Nancy Bailey Miller   Marge Piercy   Sharon Portnoff   Nikki Raymond   Ted Richer   William Ruleman   David Stephenson  
Editorís NOTE
Four by K. E. Duffin:
       Late Flight Out of Charlotte
       Father from the Air
       Emergency Landing
Two by Dolores Hayden:
       White Gate Blues
       Flying Lesson: Winds
Four by Barbara Carlson:
       Owl Mountain
       On This Flight
       Where Nothing Is
Climb and Fall by Nels Hanson
On the Concorde to Paris by Patricia Behrens
JetBlue Flight 654 by Kasey Hartung
Three Poems on Birds by Danny P. Barbare
In the Flying Box by Elena Harap
If I take the wings of morning by Ruth Arnison
Downed in Kentucky by Nancy Bailey Miller
Southern Icarus by Michael R. Burch

Three by Robert K. Johnson:
       The Place To Be
       Sea Songs
Two by Marge Piercy:
       Library 2007, Lori Nix
       Something is different today
Three by Paula Bonnell:
       Rodin at the Marble Depot
Two by Sharon Portnoff:
       The Storm
       The Cage
Two by Ted Richer:
       From Two Books
       The Artist
On Fitz Henry Lane's "Brace Rock" by Richard Dey
Two by Ruth Arnison:
       Sunny Corner, Volendam
       Salmon Sunday
State of Missouri by A. Adams Elias

PROSE:   The Poetry of Kate Light, an essay by Richard Aston      From the Annals of Art and Psychedelia: My First Box of Pastels, a memoir by Allegra Printz      The Launch of David Ferry's Aeneid , an introduction by George Kalogeris   

SPECIAL FEATURE: The Sonnet Scroll

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