The Poetry Porch            edited by Joyce Wilson


Chickens by K.E. Duffin
Copyright © 2016 by K.E. Duffin  (colored pencil drawing) 
INCLUDING: Richard Aston   Bruce Bennett   Paula Bonnell   Carl Boon   Shaune Bornholdt   Patricia Callan   Llyn Clague   Richard Dey   Joseph Dorazio   William Doreski   Heather Dubrow   Lee Evans   Orla Fay   Richard Fein   Celia Gilbert   Patricia L. Hamilton   Elise Hempel   Connor Holmes   Jeff Holt   Caroline Hurley   Robert K. Johnson   Marcia Karp   Barbara Claire Kasselmann    Kathleen Kirk   Fred Marchant   Nancy Bailey Miller   Lee Nash   James B. Nicola   Marge Piercy   Ted Richer   Katherine E. Schneider   Bridget Seley-Galway   Jac Shortland   Kevin Shyne   Gail Moran Slater   Dinah Smith   Michael Todd Steffen   B. E. Stock   William Valentine   Joyce Wilson  
Editor’s NOTE
Three by Llyn Clague:
       A Call
       Only in My Heart
       The Hippos’s Maw
Three by Marge Piercy:
       How sweet it is
       A pretty name for a small plant
       Decades have passed
Three by Willaim Doreski:
       The King’s Chapel Bell
       Stirring the Soup
       Autumn in Magnolia
Two by Fred Marchant:
       In re the couplet
       Yeah You
Two by Robert K. Johnson:
       The Strangeness of Things
       Below Ground Level
Two by Bridget Seley-Galway:
       New York Tompkins Square 1980
Two by Richard Fein:
       At the Yiddish Library
       Ruskin on Waves

Two by Barbara Claire Kasselmann:
       The Kuhlman Brothers
       Airplane Boneyards

Four by Richard Dey:

Canoe Trip, a poem in ten parts by Paula Bonnell

Two by Marcia Karp:
       This Mask. This Figure. Such Stuff.
       A Lover’s Spell
Fan Letter to George Romero by Connor Holmes
On the Black Sea, 1996 by Carl Boon
Nature Masks by Caroline Hurley
Our Guardian Angels by Jac Shortland
To Love by Celia Gilbert
Crabapple Blooming by Kathleen Kirk
Beach Plum Jelly by Nancy Bailey Miller
The Old Therapists by Shaune Bornholdt
Inventory by Patricia L. Hamilton
Tuesday by William Valentine
Mastering the Music by Kevin Shyne

PROSE:   Dalí : The Man of Many Words, an essay by Patricia Callan.   The Prado with Goya and Velázquez, an essay by Gail Moran Slater.   Scriba, a story by Ted Richer.     Letter to the Editor, by Robert K. Johnson.  

SPECIAL FEATURE: The Sonnet Scroll

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