The Poetry Porch 2015            edited by Joyce Wilson


Shadows on Barn by Allegra Printz (Oil on Canvas, 32 x 34 inches)  Copyright © 2015 by Allegra Printz
INCLUDING: L. N. Allen   Ruth Arnison   William Baer   Jane Blanchard   Michael Blumenthal   Paula Bonnell   Michael Burch   Catherine Chandler   Catherine Breese Davis   Holly Day   Richard Dey   Heather Dubrow   Lee Evans   Linda M. Fischer   Celia Gilbert   Nels Hanson   R. W. Haynes   Robin Helweg-Larsen   Helen Heineman   Teresa Iverson   Robert K. Johnson   George Kalogeris   Jenna Le   Gail Mazur   James B. Nicola   Marge Piercy   Elizabeth Reeke   Ted Richer   Sayoudh Roy   William Ruleman   Wendy Sloan   B. E. Stock   Pat Valdata   Henry Weinfield   Kelley Jean White   Joyce Wilson  
Editorís NOTE
Five by Catherine Breese Davis:
       Before You Enter
       I Need More Light
Four by L. N. Allen:
       Give All You Have to the Poor
       Advice from My Oldest Friend . . . .
       Sweet Time: An Experimental Sonnet
Should by Heather Dubrow
Three by Michael Blumenthal:
       For a Friend, Whose Son . . . .
Two by Ted Richer:
       Medicine Man
Two by Nels Hanson:
       The Revenants
Two by Gail Mazur:
       Living Treasure
       The Self in Search of the Sublime

Daedalos by George Kalogeris
Four by Marge Piercy:
       Fire in Winter
       Herb Bed in Winter
       Mother of My Friend
       Yes, It's True the Storm Has Passed
Still the Same by Joyce Wilson
Three by Celia Gilbert:
       Conversation with the Ant
       Detroit Book Repository
Two by B. E. Stock:
       The Broken Bookcase
       To My Sisters
Entr'Acte by Paula Bonnell
Four by Robert K. Johnson:
       An Autumn Stillness
       Spring Semester
       How Can It Be
Long Way Home by Elizabeth Reeke
Scales and Cataracts by Holly Day
Half a Moon Is Better than None by Lee Evans
Other Poems by Ruth Arnison
Eight by Richard Dey, From Out of Westport Point
PROSE:   On Marks and Remarks, notes on punctuation by Paula Bonnell   Rilke, a story by Celia Gilbert  
An Appreciation of Julia Budenz, an essay by Helen K. Heineman   Introduction to a Poetry Reading by Richard Fein and George Kalogeris, by Teresa Iverson  
Small Books, Big Topics, three poetry books reviewed by Pat Valdata

SPECIAL FEATURE: The Sonnet Scroll

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