The Poetry Porch 2014
edited by Joyce Wilson
Year of the Horse by Allegra Printz  Copyright © 2014 by Allegra Printz (oil, 22 by 28).  
INCLUDING: David Rothman   Marge Piercy   Chris Wallace-Crabbe   Maryann Corbett   Daniel Tobin   Frederick Turner   Ted Richer   Patricia Callan   John Foy   Claudia Gary   J. M. Hall   Teresa Iverson   Lee Evans   Adrienne Leavy   Antoinette Treadway   William Alton   Richard Aston   Robert K. Johnson   Kathleen Kirk   John Kneisly   Frannie Lindsay   James Naiden   Rosemarie Rowley   William Ruleman  
PROSE:   Editor’s NOTE   The Wild Child, an essay by Fred Turner   The Sacred Man, a story by Ted Richer     On the Poetry of David Ferry, an essay by Joyce Wilson   The Poets’ Theatre presents Dylan Thomas, reviewed by Joyce Wilson  
POETRY I and Poetry II:
The Fire-Bringers by Chris Wallace-Crabbe
Salt Seed by David J. Rothman
Two by Maryann Corbett:
       . . . and ran away naked . . .
Two by Patricia Callan:
       Miss Edmonia Lewis’s Disputation
       Miss Edmonia Lewis in Her Studio
Cain by John Foy
Fetish by Frannie Lindsay
Doing Without by J. M. Hall
Insomniac prayer at 2 a.m. by Marge Piercy
Living in a Forest by William Alton
To the Cold Forests by John Kniesly
Quality of Life by Claudia Gary
Three by Antoinette Treadway:
       The Dervish
       All the Weird Ones Come to Me
Diana Leaves Her Bath by Lee Evans
Two by Kathleen Kirk
       Wild Columbine
Two by Robert K. Johnson
       Oh, Jean
       By the Year 2011
Acrostic by Richard Aston
Late Poems by Thomas Kinsella, a review by Adrienne Leavy  
Creating a Book of Irish American Poems: an interview with Daniel Tobin

SPECIAL FEATURE: The Sonnet Scroll

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