Captiva Island
by Nadya Aisenberg 


The second time I see the loneliness in Eden,
how under the paradisal sun the beach
erodes past the tin hope of the Beauregard Catholic Church,
the cairn of sea shells at Blind Pass,
how the matted brown flaps at the parting of my body
from the Body, my soul from the Soul.

We are closer to undoing, the landscape declaring our lives
in the pigmy heads of coconuts, on the vacant, dangerous road
where the Gumbo Limbo Apts. rise from the sand on stilts

and a murder of crows rails over us as if we were grain . . . .

Copyright © 1989 by Nadya Aisenberg. 
From Before We Were Strangers by Nadya Aisenberg, Forest Books, 1989.


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